Our Business Is A Family Affair

Rick Lopez, Sr. began his landscaping career more than 30 years ago, and he has partnered with many of the top landscape designers and owners of landscape firms throughout those years. Today his son Rick Lopez, Jr., daughter Diana Lopez, and other family members have helped him continue to create a thriving business.

Rick Lopez, Jr. has a degree in Landscape Architecture, and he and his father are the company’s Landscape Construction experts. They are highly skilled at masonry, installation, irrigation, grading and drainage. Their skills and talents, when combined, can solve the most difficult challenges or create beauty in the most neglected spaces.

Rick_Lopez_Off_To_Work_CropDaughter Diana Lopez handles all aspects of Landscape Management. Diana’s degree in Horticulture makes her the company’s expert in the science of plant cultivation and soil preparation. Together, these two manage and plan all aspects of the landscape maintenance side of the business.

Other family members and an experienced crew round out those involved in the business that continues to adapt, grow and prosper.