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Keep Saving Water, And Here’s How!

And, here’s the site to keep up with What You Should Know, What You Can Do, and What’s New—all to beat the drought!

Making Your Landscaping Drought-Tolerant
A drought-tolerant (or water-wise) landscape is one that allows for a beautiful healthy landscape with drought-tolerant, often native, plants, minimal supplemental irrigation and little to no adverse runoff. Here are six basic principles of a water-wise landscape.

Regional Water-Smart Websites
Learn about rebates and sustainable gardening tips, read through the watering guide, view all kinds of plant lists specifically for the area where you live.

Drought Tolerant Plants For Bay Area Gardens
California native plants that do not normally live in the creeks and ponds are very drought tolerant. Las Pilitas Nursery shows you hundreds of native plants on it’s website.

Water Saving Tips For Gardens & Lawns From UC
Water dedicated to landscape can often be reduced by 20 to 40 percent because over irrigation is very common. Gradually reduce the amount of water applied over a few weeks – giving lawns, trees and plants time to adjust. And, there’s more….

Palo Alto Water & Ought Updates
For those in Palo Alto, this site provides information on water use restrictions, water saving tips, and water reuse. Check it out.

Redwood City Water Conservation Information
Redwood City residents should read through this information to stay on top of mandatory water use requirements, new ways to save water, and updates from the City.